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Easy to use and Customizable!

My son has special needs and is non-verbal. I like this app for it's ease of use to customize and he likes that it helps him communicate. I gave the app 5 stars because the developer is available for support and open to enhancement requests. The developer has already updated the app with features that make it easier for my 2 year old to manage the app. Thanks a million!! :)

Excellent Teaching Tool

Create your own pictures, words, and sounds that your child is familiar with. Use a tool to expand communication with any child who may have problems expressing themselves.

My Words

Thank You Jafferson! Friendly progm great work! Thank You.


Great app! My brother has autism and can't speak. This app perfectly fits and combines his love for using technology and talking with other people! I'm going to start even using it to help me learn for my Spanish class. It's a great way to learn other languages with also!

Great app with many uses.

This app is perfect for its intended use. I am sure it will get better with updates. Great idea for an app.


So impressed with this app. Very helpful to my family! Thanks for all your hard work!

Visual dictionary for child with special needs

Very easy to use! We have been looking for an app to use as a visual dictionary and this is perfect! I will give it 5 stars once the developer upgrades it to be able to file words by folder or category.


Very useful apps for my son to learn both Chinese and English, wish can be improved to use it as a flash card.

Nice app

Very easy to use.

Great App!

Very easy to use. I like the option of adding words on the go.

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